ABC Greenhouse

ABC News is a broadcasting company ensuring people know their ABCs about current events and topics. When creating coverage on the greenhouse effect and climate change, they wanted to give a visual lift-up to this seemingly worn-out matter to build a memorable, impactful piece of evergreen content for their website. So we shook the same old disturbing “global warming is harming” visual theme and added a playful twist to it, leaving the documentary shots for news feeds.

Piece by piece, we built a compelling and engaging story on how as little as 2°F can make a huge difference for life on planet Earth. And how together we can stop it. To be honest we still feel pretty heated up (pun intended) by having the opportunity to work on this topic with ABC News team!

Client • ABC Greenhouse
Content video
Global warming

Melting glaciers, wildfires, and extreme weather conditions – quite the news feed staple. But, please, not another story looking exactly like the other climate change news! So we tried to find a softer visual language to tackle the harsh truth. But as appealing as it may seem to use these collages in a world where icebergs melt like ice creams, cows graze in roller skates, and Yeti sail a plastic bottle... we decided to keep a good balance between the real and the unreal. After all, we are talking about natural disasters here.

Chain reaction

Global warming is caused by a looooong course of events which you might already know from the video. We sequenced this chain reaction in a continuous and engaging animation. The frames were merged in an uninterrupted thread of actions, all leading to a happy ending. To get this act together we only need a good vision aaand... action!


Creative director:
Stanislav Bulatskii

Art director
Elmar Aleskerov

Illia Tachenko

Executive producer
Laura Zavodska
Rita Saulite

Olga Tkachenko
Katerina Dendyuk
Veronika Horban

Sound design
Silver Fox Audio

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