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Living with an autoimmune disease like psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis can be a real pain... well, everywhere! For some with a diagnosis, seemingly simple activities such as socializing, completing simple tasks, and enjoying everyday moments can seem like not the easiest dance. Thanks to Taltz, life can still seem like a joyful waltz.

We're excited to be part of the team helping spread the word about how much easier life of autoimmune disease patients can get when with this almost magic-like cure. By introducing messages into everyday scenes, we emphasized how big a deal it is to be able to complete the small daily tasks that we sometimes take for granted.

We created two videos both of which introduce two different characters with a different autoimmune disease. With Taltz they are all able to complete their tasks and enjoy everyday moments among their beloved ones, despite the diagnosis. We integrated the product description within the scenes as organically as possible.

Meet Michelle...

We made sure to represent Michelle as the positive example on how fulfilled the life of a person living with psoriatic arthritis can get.

Yes, Michelle's ability to move is slower – she can't ride a bike, stand-up or walk as fast as others – but thanks to Taltz her life doesn't have to be burdensome. Michelle, like others suffering from psoriatic arthritis, can lead a physically and socially active life full of joy.

...and Hank

Being a real family man, Hank always makes sure that everything is taken care of – he pays attention to his household, social connections, and well-being of himself and others.

Spots caused by psoriasis doesn't concern and bother him as much since he is able to live his best life thanks to joining the Taltz family. We wanted to inspire a Hank-alike man to do the same and improve their quality of life.

Integrated type

Both videos were made to be understandable without voice over. We didn't want to give the text a secondary role, and that inspired the visual technique of the story. Text became a part of the visual plot taking the form of illustrations – implemented in the environment and related to action of characters.

Real-life people

Our goal with characters was to represent main and secondary characters as realistic as possible. We created diverse and inclusive circle of friends and family beaaring in mind that autoimmune diseases don't have racial or physical borders.


Real world

Visually we wanted to stay close to the real world, real people, and real-life situations, since the topic on autoimmune diseases has a big impact on daily routines. That's why the environments are moderate, the color palette is realistic, and the laws of nature, light and shadows are taken into account.

Building the story

Every frame of the story was thoughtfully and carefully designed, with each animation, angle, and transition – planned ahead. The cinematography was important here as we built the whole story through camera angles and motions as well as associative editing between environments.

First, we wanted to represent symptoms of autoimmune diseases as accurately as possible. Second, we sought the possibility to depict various aspects and situations of the characters' everyday lives. And lastly, we aimed for a cinematographic look. And got it!


Roberts Kulenko

Executive producers
Laura Zavodska
Elina Alaine
Rita Steimane

Gosia Janiec

Art director
Rodrigo Stipkovic
Gints Gutmanis

Storyboard artist
Arturs Bunts

Animation lead
Francois Schonken

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