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Client • Beyond Gravity Illustrations

The space technology company Beyond Gravity is exposing us to a universe full of opportunities. Self-driving cars, weather forecasting, digital communication, and even predictions of natural hazards are only some of the fruits we are enjoying here on the ground thanks to the development of Beyond Gravity satellite technology components.

Obviously, we were over the moon to work on the update for the visual identity of Beyond Gravity! It may be a small step for the company yet a big leap for our daily mindset. And we completed the mission with great accuracy by creating a visual language that is unique and easy to understand for both – the general public and space geeks.

Are we there yet?

Arriving in the stratosphere in a few seconds' time – we can do it! While others are still cracking the code, we're already there with the help of fine line work, minimalistic patterns, bold accent colors, and a small range of motion.

Payload fairings

Satellite delivery to space – yes, that's what Beyond Gravity is working on! Our challenge – to represent this complicated process in a simple manner. What's left to say? Mission completed!

Hi from the sky

“Ground Control to Major Tom, can you hear me?” Looks like we have a signal, even within this minimalistic visual concept. We mean… making contact while orbiting the planet? This satellite is all over the place!

Space for imagination

Based on real proportions and actions, illustrations represent the brand's work both on and above the planet Earth. Simple shapes, perforated patterns, and minimalistic, fluid objects to create the illusion of the weightlessness in space.

Over and out

We made sure that the assets are living in the same visual universe to be able to orbit around independently and connect, in any time and space.

Three, two, one… sketch!

Just like before a Rocket launch, there is a lot of preparation to be done before launching the visuals. The patterns, color palette, proportions... Even the hairstyle and clothing of the characters were all decided and double-checked in the sketching phase, so at the takeoff, all the illustrations would follow the same visual course.


Art Director
Peteris Noviks

Design assets
Veronika Horban

Animation lead
Vladimirs Karsecjans

Veronika Vieyra

Brand guidelines
Peteris Noviks

Kyrylo Novikov

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