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Google avatars

Google was about to update its library of avatar images. You know, those small portraits on your Google account that you can see throughout the platforms? The idea was to create a variety of illustrations covering all moods one may be in.

With a team of 15 artists and a gazillion account managers, we created 600 unique illustrations in five different styles for each and everyone out there. There was even an option to choose between 4 different color variations to customize the avatar not only by mood but also by preferred color palette. Not bad, right? We even consider picking a gold medal as our own Google avatar today!

2D or what?

We combined flat illustrations with simple backgrounds and lightweight texturing on objects – balanced and mostly symmetrical from the top and front views. Linework and certain elements were slightly imperfect.

Painter's workshop

This direction combined muted colorways with painted brushstrokes and elemental texture. Objects were placed within backgrounds – slightly more scene-like and detailed than other ones. Linework and compositions were looser, emulating a look that is “made by hand.”

Let's get Isometric

We combined playful colorways with objects placed in an isometric perspective from a top or bottom perspective. Each object had distinct light and shadow areas casting a long shadow in one direction.

The good old vector stroke

We created playful yet simplified interpretations of everyday objects in bright, simple colorways. Objects were presented in a front or side view, placed on plain color backgrounds, and flourished with shapes and abstract objects. The black color was used to create depth or shading on a specific object or element.

Layered vector stroke

Playful elements combined with layered backgrounds and compositions in muted color combinations reflected joyful interpretations of everyday objects. Objects were created with thick outlined strokes and were combined with shapes that are filled with basic patterns.

It's all about layering

When designing illustrations, it was important for us to keep color theory and color groupings in mind. Layers were grouped together by either common or analogous colors.

Users were able to change the color hue of layers with the help of a specific digital tool, picking the image avatar they can relate to the most.


Creative agency

Junior Art Director
Vladimir Karsecjan
Edgars Lielzeltins

Executive producer
Rita Ozolina
Rita Steimane

Art Director
Gints Gutmanis

Veronika Vieyra
Mara Drozdova
Liana Mihailova
Radik Zagidullin
Zahars Ze
Marcis Lokis
Edgars Lielzeltins
Linda Sture
Vladimir Karsecjan
Ella Mezule
Konstantins Visnevskis
Agate Lielpetere
Eva Markova
Gani Hakobian
Наnna Rybak
Ihor Hedz
Zigfrids Niklavics

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