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Super Bowl Bingo

TUMS is America's most popular overeating relief that aimed for a solid yearly touch-down at the Super Bowl's ad craze. In this case, TUMS created a real-time bingo – a digital campaign in which Super Bowl viewers collect real-time game actions on their Tumsworthy bingo cards.

This called for a diverse set of icon illustrations to represent things like touchdown celebrations, cheesy commercials, and any other possible variables. The bingo game identity was passed to us, and we did the whole ten yards of icons for the needs of all things digital.

Pass the icons

"First field goal" or a "cheesy ad" – there's an icon for it now. A truly iconic challenge that encapsulates all of the possible activities that the Super Bowl can bring to its viewers. We approached it the way we like it the most: abstract-but-clear and serious-but-fun.

A professional football coach assisted us on the way to perfecting the communication #goals. Since the field was new to us, we played it safe with much needed professional guidance.

As you can see, we did the whole ten yards with icons.

Video well played

Touchdown for all of the screens for the biggerest of the big games. We won attention across TV and social media of the Super Bowl audience with our perfectly played film for the Tumsworthy bingo game.

Winning looks

Tums and bingo have both been around for decades, therefore we gave the identity a nice modern retro feel – a contemporary fusion of snazzy graphics, stroke distortion, and an entertaining color palette.

We stretched out characters for the sake of boldness, clarity and fun. Also a wide range of decades was used in the making of assets to represent the Tums brand's legacy.



Production Company
Hogarth New York

Sketched Storyboard
Veronika Horban
Ira Derenskaya

Vladimirs Karsecjans
Alexander Slepichev
Slava Romanov

Art Direction
Gints Gutmanis

Veronika Horban
Radik Z
Ira Derenskaya

Sound Design
Arturs Liepins

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