Cherries on top
Client • Airbaltic Commercials

Speaking the language of the Latvian national airline airBaltic is easy! Cherries means sale. Sale means Cherries. See? Easy. The little Cherry-pranksters are so full of life, ideas, and joy, that it has been hard to resist their charm over the past years. Wait... Years?! Yes, the beloved characters really have been around for a while and our aim was to keep the fruit fresh!

We took Cherries to the next level by improving their look, broadening their range of expressions, and updating their cheery, vibrant, and humorous spirit. The now richer and more stylized environments reinforced the feel of the evolution of the new stories making the adventures of the little pranksters juicier and fresher.

Knock, knock!

Guess who's there? Amazing cherry-prices!
The new, handsome Cherries were launched just in time for Easter, surprising adventurous travelers with low prices hidden on the airBaltic website, like Easter eggs.

World is your stage

Lookin' good and they know it! For the summer sale, we were proud to showcase all the best angles of the little rascals, showing off their freshened-up bodies and personalities – hot just like the airBaltic summer deals!

Changing the scenery

Mamma Mia! The power of these two is so amped that there's nothing left to do but ease off the brakes and head straight for the twists and turns of the adventure called traveling! No better time than the "Cherry sale".

Same, same but different

We kept the previous qualities of the concept but added more stylized, non-detailed objects to enhance the visual narrative, brought in some extra freshness to the visual language, and broadened the range of Cherries' expressions to have more options to play out the storylines and build a stronger connection with the audience.



Executive Producers
Laura Zavodska
Elina Alaine

3D character developer
Antone Magdy

Creative Director
Edijs Vucens
Klinta Verbele

Art Director
Gints Gutmanis

3D modeling
Krzysztof Marcinowski
Tomasz Dabert

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