Cherry-ful flights
Client • Airbaltic Commercials

airBaltic is the Latvian national airline providing flights to many tempting destinations. The famous “Cherry-sale” adds to their lure. A cherry next to the price has become a symbol of the best deals a lot of travel addicts are looking for.

When airBaltic invited us to create the creative concept for the sale, we gladly brought the cherries to life! To make the characters memorable and likable, we gave them a tiny dose of common sense and a large portion of energy. Over time the little rascals appeared on catchy video series – always ready to go on juicy adventures! And now we hear people are eagerly waiting for the next episode as much as for the sale itself.

Lovely flight deals

Yes, love makes you fly... And so does airBaltic! While Cupid is calibrating its love arrows, “Cherry prices” help you aim for the best airBaltic Valentine's Day deals. Romantic Venezia or passionate Ibiza – celebrate love as your heart desires!

So good it's scary

Trick or good flight treat! For everyone in search of spooky Halloween vibes, airBaltic revealed “cherry deals” so good it got scary. Needless to say, all the travel bucket lists of adventure seekers were filled with destinations for prices sweet as candy.

Favorite seat

Don't let some sneaky cherry get your favorite seat before you! Be the sneaky berry yourself and book one in advance. So all you have to do onboard is – sit back, relax, and have a like-a-boss moment in the clouds!

Order your meal

Want to have a flight “with a cherry on top”? Yes, please! When the “Cherry sale” is on, you can pick and pre-order a heavenly meal before the flight. Plus the hunger for adventures is also satiated at the most delicious price.

Flying is fun

Cherries, being true travel addicts, always find easy and fun ways to fly. With “cherry prices” anyone can turn into an impulsive cherry-berry and make traveling a routine adventure, more affordable than ever.

Vacation mood ON

The playful cherry friends never miss out on the fun! Take cues from the red rascals and don't wait for adventures to come – create them yourself! Take the chance to dive straight into your vacation with no hesitation. Obviously, it's worth it!

Bringing to Life

We made sure that the look embodies the juicy nature of the little pranksters. With the expressive emotions, bouncy movements, and lively interactions, the mischiefs of the cherries became the most eagerly awaited content from airBaltic on every screen.

These rascals know how to have fun!



Art Director
Gints Gutmanis

3D character developer
Gints Gutmanis

Creative Directors
Peteris Puritis
Rita Steimane
Gints Gutmanis

Animation Director
Gints Gutmanis
Eduards Balodis

Character rigger
Gints Gutmanis

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