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Altogether we revived five playful stories of five world-changing innovations and their creators. Our goal was to convey each story as accurately as possible. So we dug deep!
The miniature worlds we built represented the specific time and space each scientist lived in.

Not only the clothes, hair, and accessories but also as specific tools, interiors, and even the textures pointed to the period of time when “the magic happened”.

Norbert Rillieux

As one of the earliest chemical engineers, this man right here started boldly. His pioneering invention of the multiple-effect evaporator played a huge role in the development of the sugar industry. And that's just sweet!

Madam CJ Walker

Maybe she's born with it… But maybe it's because of the hair products invented by Madam CJ Walker. We'll never know! But here's what we know for sure – this first self-made female millionaire knew how to do hair products and business.

Jan Ernst Matzeliger

Let's give a thumbs up for Mr. Jan. Also and especially the ones on our feet! After inventing the lasting machine, this then young inventor really stepped up the whole shoe manufacturing thing, making shoes more affordable and easier to produce.

Alice Ball

Alice was an inspiring figure we look up to until this very day! She developed the most effective treatment for leprosy in the early 20th century. So effective they named the treatment after her – “Ball's method”. Now that's something!

Elizabeth Blackwell

Elizabeth was a pioneer in promoting and providing medical education for women in the U.S. Her impact echoes to this very day as significant women in medicine are celebrated with the “Elizabeth Blackwell Medal” award.

The Gang

To add extra authenticity and emphasize the look of a miniature puppet theater world, the scientists were made “of wood”.

Miniature worlds

We built wide and detailed environments for each of the talented scientists and the environments they were coming from. So the video series could live in any size and channel.

Bringing to life

The first stage of each character's development took place in the 2D world. We paid attention to even the smallest details! The facial features, body proportions, and even the hair, clothing style, and accessories were designed to represent each scientist in the most authentic way.

The chosen color palette and the textures added in the 3D phase were deliberately based on the era our characters lived in and supported the puppet-theater-like world we built for them. And voilà – ready for action!

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