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The world's No 1. job search site Indeed helps people to get jobs. We helped them by creating a vibrant animation series called “Smart & Small”.

This series is packed with small but impactful tips on how to write a cover letter, what kind of words to include in a resume, and which ones to keep miles away from. And all this is beautifully told by the charming hostess Denise. Listen to Denise and you're hired!

Client • Virtue by Vice Commercials
Details matter

Psst! Want to know a secret? If you want a resume that stands out, every detail matters. Even the smallest one. Exactly this "secret" sauce went into making “Smart & Small” films. We looked into a highly detailed universe of miniature worlds and crafted a style that looks similar to it.

Cover letter

If you have doubts about how to write a cover letter, follow Denise into an actual cover letter museum. Here everything will be revealed - step by step, word by word, paragraph by paragraph.

Good and bad words

Every word counts when writing a resume. In this spot, Denise outlines magic words to include in resumes and ones that don't do the job. It's time to get more “advanced” by getting rid of the “outside the box”.

Job search hacks

Scrolling through job advertisements is tiring and ineffective. Denise knows some useful hacks to become a better job searcher. Buckle up and start searching like a boss!

Resume skills

Are you mentioning the right skill for the job, or are you boring the person on the other end with irrelevant stuff? Denise will guide you through the nuanced skill listing process to make your resume stand out from the crowd!

Ohh.... Denise

To achieve the miniature world's stop-mo look and feel, puppet-like characters were designed using a limited set of shapes and real-life materials such as colored wood and real fabric.

The Gang

Getting a good angle

We enhanced the storytelling with cinematic treatment. Scene framing and camera movements make it eye candy. You know what they say these days - it's all about the perfect shot.

Is it real or rendered?

We went a bit loco on the miniature world and ended up designing a unique space for each episode. Even the smallest details were perfected to make them shine. We're happy about it :)

Bringing to life

You already know Denise. Here's one more thing to know – the distinctive character style was inspired by the letter “i” from the Indeed logo. Now you know.


Creative Direction
Tyler Pierce

Senior Producer
Rita Steimane

Art Director
Gints Gutmanis
Oskars Pavlovskis

Roberts Kulenko

Arturs Liberts

Virtue By Vice

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