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AmEx offers a wide range of business cards for small businesses to help them grow. The math is easy – the more investment, the bigger the gain! We turned this simple calculation into an interactive solution, revealing how financial support can speed up the growth of business.

Since AmEx has already become a real game-changer for a lot of small businesses, we created a little Sims-like world of finances where the development of business depends on the amount of investment. The miniature pizzeria became a virtual playground where anyone could see and try how it works – step by step, back and forth.

American Express • Bajibot
Internet was ours

The little pizzeria took over the digital media of the whole wide U.S. of A. The unique visual style and slickly executed animation helped to spread the word across all social platforms and even news channels like CNN.

We really don't want to brag so we're just gonna let the numbers do it – scroll down and check out how amazingly successful the campaign was. Oops, looks like we're bragging after all! Oh well.

Miniature world

The isometric animation we used was perfect for the idea and format. To synchronize the animation flow each action was the same length regardless of the direction of the slider. And to make the change of every phase even more obvious all the assets were crafted to the last detail. If you look close enough, you might even notice pepperoni on the pizza and a pen in the chef's apron.



Art Direction
Gints Gutmanis

Eduards Balodis


3D Modelling
Gints Gutmanis
Eduards Balodis
Oskars Lelis

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