TIO acting cool

TIO is a well-known ice cream brand in Latvia. Adding to the well-versed range of flavors, the brand decided to surprise the hot summer enjoyers with two more flavors. But the thing is… TIO was not the only one. All the ice cream manufacturers go crazy over the summer season. “New package”, “yet unseen shape”, “we're the best” – we had to break through all this noise. Hand in hand with the TIO team, our plan was to act cool and let the products talk for themselves, literally. And we did it tastefully!

Client • Food Union

No scream – just ice cream. Each of the mouth-watering photorealistic 3D ice cream models represented one unique flavor addressed to a different family member. After all, TIO is as varied in flavors as Elton John's closet is in outfits. All made for you! In better taste, even!

Lookin' tasty

If you weren't familiar with #foodporn before, this TIO summer campaign must have done the job. These seductive "screamers" carried the perfect amount of great attention to detail - texture, lettering, lighting, and the 3D model itself were designed to create not only a realistic but also a tempting look, making your mind scream for... you know what.


Creative Director
J. Walter Thompson Baltics

Sergejs Kolecenko

Look Development
Gints Gutmanis

Art Director
Gints Gutmanis

Sergejs Kolecenko

Lighting & Compositing
Gints Gutmanis

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