Berthold Gone Wild

Kick-off meeting. Script. Storyboard. Visual treatment. Voice over. Audio design. For some, those may sound like words from an unknown language. We decided to clarify some things by making our own animated video about our own animation process, just like we love and know how to.

So anytime there is some confusion on how we get from a blank page to a published video, we give the stage to Berthold. The oddly charming character will guide you through the video animation process in a way you won't forget!

Meet Berthold

A quirky character who knows a hell lot about the life cycle of animated videos. Following the unpredictable adventures of Berthold means getting into the places of production some don't even know about. Step by step and frame by frame, he is revealing the endless freedom of motion, sound, and action only possible in the world of animation.

We wanted Berthold to be as unpredictable as any animated story and character can be. That's why Berthold is both mortal and immortal, young and old, alluring and odd – to embody the boundless potential of fictional characters. Plus, we wanted people to actually feel that cheap cologne of his by only looking at him. It looks like we made it!

His irresistible look

You can love him, or you can hate him, but it sure is impossible to be indifferent to Berthold. He is old enough not to care what others think of him, yet still young enough to live life to its fullest. And we proudly made him that way! His body, expressions, and style are crafted in detail to carry a wide spectrum of emotions and manifest that wild nature of his.

Additional characters

Welcome to Utopia

The story takes place in a non-existing utopia – where all the exciting ideas are sourced. A place without borders of imagination and full of surprising twists and turns. Unreal architecture, mixed styles, sci-fi elements, surreal environments, and bold colors – all mixed up to prove that even the impossible becomes possible once you enter the world of animation.

Process explained

We know that something like “our process explained” may cause yawning in some. Not on our watch! We used the best of our skills and the best of the available tech to build a wild and exciting story around a not-so-exciting topic. After all, that's what we're good at, and this is where we walk the talk.

Coloring the story

Our goal was to create an expressive and saturated color palette that underlines Berthold's contrasting experiences. On top of it – a holographic gradient is used to punch up some story highlights.

The color script sets the story's overall mood, emotion, and rhythm. The sequence of color blocking underlines how Berthold and the other characters feel and deliver the idea that unpredictable events unfold from dusk to dawn (and not the other way around).

Visual infinity

2D? 3D? Collage style? We mixed them all up to show that our team is up and ready for anything! Want to shake up the visual side of the story with a collage? You got it. Want to see a grandpa in a UFO running away from the police? Let's do that! We are your go-to team for anything, from the good old frame-by-frame animation to the creation of a futuristic 3D utopia.


Creative Directors
Edijs Vucens
Gints Gutmanis
Rita Steimane

Edijs Vucens

Rita Steimane
Elina Alaine

Roberts Kulenko
Gints Gutmanis

Executive Producer
Laura Zavodska

Look Development
Gints Gutmanis
Vladimirs Karsecjans

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