History of Dog food

Paws up for our fluffy branded content video for the Spruce Pets x Cesar, the creators of the dog bowls. What does “a dog bowl” mean, you’re asking? It’s a fresh and healthy meal for our doggos, replacing all the not-so-nutritious previous ones, such as kibble, long-lasting canned food, leftovers, etc.

Spruce Pets x Cesar really made some history by leaving the unhealthy dog food in the history. We had the honour to follow in the paw-steps of it and visualise the evolution of dog food in a short video story. And let us tell ya’ – throughout the centuries our canine companions have really seen it all!
It would really make us woof, if you’d also take a look!

Client • Dotdash
Branded content
Who let the dogs out?

We did! Get to know the whole gang – we had a bunch here, seven in total. Each dog with its own personality, unique appearance and vibrant nature. Street-, house-, purebred or mixed-breed dog – we adore them all!

Through the centuries

The history of dog food gave us a little taste of what dogs have had to taste. And we covered it all – from ancient Rome to the Middle Ages, all the way through the Industrial Revolution to this day when pets are not just pets. They are our best friends, deserving the best!

Move those paws

Do you wonder how these cuties came to life? The only way to achieve this level of free spirit is by cell animation. Here’s a little behind the scenes.


Creative Director
Klinta Verbele

Storyboard Artist
Veronika Horban

Elmar Aleskerov
Vladimirs Karsecjans
Georgii Miroshnichenko

Art Director
Gints Gutmanis
Peteris Noviks

Veronika Horban

Sound Design
Silver Fox Audio

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