Anti-kibble pro-freshness

Can you imagine crackers as the only source of all the nutrients? Probably not. Hopefully not! But somehow a lot of pet owners still consider kibble aka. crackers-for-pets, a wholesome meal for their doggos.

To challenge the myth of kibble as a convenient long-lasting food for our four-pawed friends, we and Freshpet displayed a manifesto stating that unlike love towards our doggos, their food shouldn't be eternal.

Freshpet • Quickframe
Design Choices

To convey the campaign's organic and natural spirit, we coupled the nourishing premise with an organic, earthy color palette. Smooth strokes and a well-balanced selection of edible assets made the campaign more cuddly.

Exploring Characters

Look at this kind and lovely metropolitan lady! She clearly loves that little doggo! That's the reaction we aimed for when we engineered her looks – a sun-kissed, progressive Pan-American lady with a heart bigger than the globe.



Creative Director
Klinta Verbele

Storyboard Artist

Elmar Aleskerov
Slepichev Aleksandr Sergeevich

Art Director
Elmar Aleskerov


Sound Design
Silver Fox Audio

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