Safety first

Have you ever wondered how's life at Netflix? It's perfectly #safe. We went through some pleasant thunderstorms, earthquakes, and tsunamis in this journey for Netflix workplace health and safety episodes.

We crafted the entire tone on health and safety guidance to portray the brand's culture, yet keeping the audience immersed for the whole 12 minutes. As a result, what could have been yet another routine onboarding material, now is a series of vibrant cartoon episodes brimming with ease, juicy characters, and wit.

Client • Netflix
Plan of Action

Emergency strikes? No panic on this one – we've got that covered now as well. A series of animations were created to demonstrate the real life tips and action plan for various emergency situations. Take a deep breath and play it through.

This is Safely

Here's some simple math: every gang works better when they have a good mentor. That's why we gave one to our Netflix safety superteam.

Safely is a walking and breathing manual. With his eyes closed, he knows where all the emergency exits and the fire extinguishers are. And he's excellent at instructing others.

Simple shapes

You might notice an intentional minimalism and geometric approach in character design. This opens the door to diversity and inclusiveness throughout the global topics. But what's with the eyes? They are big and charming to make characters more expressive and enthusiastic.

Additional Characters

Additional Characters
Additional Characters

Emergency situations are intentionally exaggerated. Accuracy is sacrificed for the sake of a better delivery on morale, making the situations extra cartoony, crispy, and light.

The excess of information resulted in comic strips by dividing the real estate of screens into smaller chunks. Visual density keeps “the kids” by the screen too, we heard.

Found in Translation

Since the localization to 7 languages was on the to-do list, a lot of passionate screen miles passed by choosing the right typography. On the way to perfection we found a set of types that can communicate in English, Dutch, Mandarin, and several other languages spoken on Planet Earth.


Creative Director
Edijs Vucens

Production Assistant
Alise Bidere

Storyboard Artists
Radik Z
Vladimirs Karsecjans
Veronika Horban
Ilona Poliszczuk

Executive Producers
Elina Alaine
Rita Ozolina
Rita Steimane

Art Director
Gints Gutmanis

Vladimirs Karsecjans
Veronika Horban
Radik Z
Ilona Poliszczuk

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