Time well invested

Mintos is an investment platform that is rapidly growing both financially and in terms of the number of investors. The task was to introduce this innovative platform to a wider audience and keep the street credit for the industry professionals, and we gladly accepted it.

Our main challenge was to avoid yet include sophisticated financial terminology. To say the least – we walked a legal minefield while creating the storyline for this one. As a result, in close cooperation with the Mintos team, we created a minimalistic but also very bold story explaining how investment in Mintos pays off as the investment in the investor itself.

Client • Mintos
Explainer video
Financial gets visual

To make sure all potential investors are interested in achieving their financial goals, our goal was to keep it simple. The visual baseline was the outline, supplemented with bright color accents. Maintaining a balance between seriousness and lightness helped us to deliver a complex message in a playful way.


Uncomplicated shapes in combination with bright color accents made things clear in all channels. Online, printed materials, or TV – becoming the investor of Mintos suddenly seemed smart and easy.


Directed by

Art Direction
Gints Gutmanis

Vladimirs Karsecjans
Gints Gutmanis

Creative Director
Edijs Vucens

Radik Z

3D Modelling
Vladimirs Karsecjans
Gints Gutmanis

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