Smooth ride with Uproad

Uproad is a tolling app making lives easier for the daily car commuters in the USA. It's a united system making the toll payments predictable, fast, and easy. Once you have the app, you're driving the 21st century way!

We are happy that we had the chance to join this ride by creating bright and vibrant illustrations for the app and a visual story for the general audience. We also introduced a new character – a mixed-breed dog named Turbo that assists drivers throughout the journey until this very day. We can easily say that we enjoyed the smooth ride all the way!

Client • Uproad
A colorful ride

To stand out from the competition, we chose to ride on the bright side! Contrasting tones, playful storylines and eye-catching illustrations explain the app's features in a light and easy manner. Plus, with a travel companion as cheerful as Turbo, every ride with the Uproad app seems like a joyride.


Directed by

Art Direction
Gints Gutmanis

3D Modelling
Vladimirs Karsecjans

Creative Director
Edijs Vucens

Vladimirs Karsecjans
Edgars Lielzeltins

Vladimirs Karsecjans
Slava Romanov

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