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Dice is like a Tinder for recruitment teams and tech professionals. As soon as both parties know what they are looking for, Dice AI tools find the matching candidates for the vacant job position. No more one-month stands or awkward “let’s stay in touch” with a bunch of no-match candidates. Only professional relationships that actually work!

Speaking of matching partners... Panic and Dice made a solid team crafting a series of the platform’s explainer ads for LinkedIn. After creating new sparks between tech professionals and employers, we felt like Cupids of the tech job market!

Test to impress

The first rule of attracting the attention of your professional crush is to make an excellent first impression. Employers face a variety of challenges when it comes to finding their one and only technology specialist. We mixed and matched these insights to help Dice create successful A/B testing and find the exact words and visuals that turn employers on the most.

IT just clicks

The road to the employment market goes both ways. Job seekers are just as interested in finding the perfect position as companies are in finding matching professionals. With Dice's super-advanced employer branding tools, companies can build a lasting impression. Sounds kinda serious, right? It is. We helped Dice to add lightness to the topic, dressing it up in a fun and eye-catching way.

Shortlist that builds itself

When employers are looking for their one-in-a-million tech professional, selecting candidates is no piece of cake. Dice creates a shortlist of eligible professionals quicker than anybody could even finish a piece of cake. That simple! We represented it in a pair of light and playful videos, ensuring employers get into that effortless mood of how smooth the employee search can be.

Main Characters

Look at these buddies representing Dice. All sugar and spice! When working on the visual style, we aimed to create unique characters that embody inclusiveness and diversity. Because when it comes to the job market, both the employees and employers really come in different shapes and sizes. And no matter the looks – professional skills are what matter most.

Best supporting role

In this category, the grand prize will go to... all the characters! With their classy style, friendly attitude, and inquisitive nature, they are all perfect colleague material.

Seriously fun

As soon as we knew that these explainer ads are for LinkedIn and for LinkedIn only, we knew – there is no way we can grab the attention of tech people with corporate and laid-back communication common for the platform. The people who create memes, play video games, and code... they just wouldn't buy it! So we adjusted the brand's visual identity in a way tech people couldn't miss it. That resulted in four witty videos, filled with thought-out details, apt visual metaphors, and weirdly cute characters representing formal and serious topics in a fun-to-watch and want-to-share way.


Executive Producer
Helena Zakare

Creative director
Stanislav Bulatskii

Storyboard Artist
Veronika Horban

Art Director
Edgars Lielzeltins

Script Writer
Stanislav Bulatskii

Veronika Horban

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