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Giving directions to a lost tourist. Sharing the address of your favorite breakfast place with a friend. Introducing your grandma with features of her “stupid new phone”. That's something any helpful person would do without a second thought. At least for the sake of extra karma points. That's exactly what the Task Mate is about – getting rewards for completing simple tasks creating a more comfortable environment for all of us. And by “rewards” we mean money. How cool is that!

Asking for tasking

Whether a quiet city or a bustling metropolis, Task Mate has a simple task on almost any corner. Adding a new pizza place to the map, updating working hours of the nearby restaurants, recording city sounds... These are just a few examples of quests taskers can hunt in their daily route in the urban jungle. We represented these tasks in a convenient way so that anyone can easily include them in their routine.

Cosy tasks

Earning some money right from the sofa while scrolling? Some would say that's a fantasy of a lazy man. Task Mate says that it's a smart way of earning extra money. We gave some visual hints on how easy it actually is: Recording sounds or words, Double-checking facts, Taking object photos. With Task Mate completing tasks at home seems like doing the crossword puzzle on a lazy afternoon.

Meet the taskers

Meet the main characters of the story! Modern, yet rooted in their own culture. Broad spectrum of lifestyles while all living happily side by side. The exact diversity of the Indian people as future members of the Task Mate family.

Feels familiar

We wanted the audience to familiarize with what they were seeing. In this case we had to pay a lot of attention to the looks, ethnicity, and clothing of the characters and the cultural background of the environment. Quite a trip! All mixed up in a playful blend of oriental rhythms and frame-by-frame animation. Keep in mind – Indians were exclusively the first ones globally to earn money effortlessly with Task Mate!


Creative Director
Klinta Verbele

Executive Producer
Laura Zavodska

Darya Semenova

Art DIrection
Gints Gutmanis

Darya Semenova

Cel Animators
Kyrylo Novikov
Elmar Aleskerov

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