Netflix comedy festival is born

Everyone knows what Netflix is. And that's how it should be. Soon the same might be said about the brand's newborn – Netflix is a Joke: The Festival. It is planned to become the biggest comedy festival the world has ever seen, a completely new species of its kind. And we enjoyed being a part of the team and bringing it to life. Literally.

Our role was to lead the festival's logo through all stages of its 3D life in the festival's official trailer. We were there when it hatched from the egg, beside on its journey through water and air, and at last, we were helping it become a figure affecting the lives of many and reflecting in them. We're getting a little emotional here but… At the end of the project, the logo was not what we expected – it was bigger!

Casting of the 3D logo

See these beauties? Some may see them as ordinary blocks but they are not. To us, they are the finalists for the leading role in the Netflix comedy festival's trailer. We paid great attention to the textures, sizes, shapes, and edges to find “the one”. But that’s not all! The finalists also had to pass the motion test and be able to act accordingly in three phases of the main character's age in the trailer – wiggling and mischievous in childhood, flexible and curious in youth, and stoic and stable in maturity. Guess who won the part?

Realistic or abstract? Transparent or opaque? Ripping or cracking? The exploration of the egg was inspired by the animal kingdom, iconic movies, and even cartoons. So if there is something you want to know about the visual appearance of eggs, just ask us. We're A+ in the field now.

Act natural

3D objects in filmed material are not exactly (eggzactly?) funny business even if it's a trailer for a comedy festival. Lights, reflections, shadows, and the changing environment are tough nuts to crack, even for 3D masters. To add to the challenge, there's water, air, sand, urban environment, space, birds, fish, people, and other creatures – moving and still. That's ok though, we love challenges. Now that the project is done we can all have a good laugh about it. Right, guys? Guys..? They're good.

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