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Premia is a crypto options trading platform. Yes – hashtag “crypto much” and generally a call for the if-you-know-you-know traders' tribe. What you need to know here is that we managed to get through the deep dive of the finance and crypto world to then convert it into a relevant visual story. We feel really bullish on the outcome here as the rich 3D visuals turned out pretty spot-on for the Premia fundamentals.

Also – thanks to Premia for a serious vocabulary upgrade! “De-fi, pools, calls, yields, futures, greeks... These terms are gibberish to us no longer. So... Yes, we speak crypto too now.

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Finance got style

We went all-in on #futuristic, #space, #innovative and #sci-fi here. Within Premia’s visual framework, of course. The narrative was built rather on feelings and senses which are considered a rarity in the financial world. We recognized the value of portraying the sense of ease and dynamics while using the Premia platform, rather than getting too technical or instructional – the most common and go-to approach in the fin-tech world.

Luckily, we could afford to invest ourselves in 3D like real animation de-gens. This glassy-glossy asset game portrays the fundamental values that the Premia platform has.


Thanks to the Premia team this was a smooth ride compared to the market volatility that the finance world is going through. Taking this as our portfolio diversifier we invested a lot of time making this video picture-perfect. Floaty and shaky camera use, a mix of close-ups and wider shots, and raw scene cuts contribute to the dynamics and sensual variety. As well as small coloring iterations to reach the rich looks of color and the perfect balance on the shades. No shade to the crypto market, to be clear!


Creative Director
Edijs Vucens

Executive Producer
Elina Alaine

3D Modelling
Aleksander Lukashkin
Maxim Malakhov

Art Director
Gints Gutmanis

Animation Direction
GInts Gutmanis
Eduards Balodis

Shading & Lighting
Aleksander Lukashkin
Maxim Malakhov

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