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Welcome to the Q-niverse! It's a know-your-rights cyberspace inhabited by five joyous characters. Their mission is to spread the laws of the LGBTQIA+ community's rights in NYC public schools. They stand, dance, levitate and even meditate for both equality and the quality of queer life. Just like we and our partners “JOAN Studios” and the “QCH Youth Outreach Department” do!

After three joyful and colorful weeks of co-creating the Q-niverse, we launched this inclusive video space just in time for Pride Month. Right when LGBTQIA+ rights can be heard the loudest and spread the brightest. But as scientists say, the universe is ever-expanding. We believe that so is the Q-niverse, pushing the prejudice and stereotypes against the LGBTQIA+ community further away every day. For us, that's a yay!

Client • Joan Creative
Look at these Q-ties

Each character embodies a different law that protects LGBTQIA+ youth. The nature, temper, and appearance of every Q-tie symbolizes one law, making it fun to watch and easy to learn the rights. Diverse in their shapes and vibes, all characters are ready to support, advise and educate the youth on the rights of the queer community.

Character exploration

Out of this world

The Internet is an essential source of information for LGBTQIA+ youth and became our inspiration for the visuals of the Q-niverse. The well-known school premises and elements from the digital world are all mixed up into a retro-futuristic style creating unique sets and situations everyone can recognize and relate to. It's like a digitized version of school but outside this time and world. Like the Q-niverse!


Creative concept
Joan Creative

Executive Producer
Elina Alaine

Animation director
Vladimirs Karsecjans

Art Director
Vladimirs Karsecjans

Veronika Horban

Ilya Tkachenko
Edgars Lielzeltins

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