Uplifting investments

Rietumu Bank is one of the most successful private banks in the Baltic states. Like most premium banks, Rietumu provides a good range of wealth management options, meaning – if you have some spare money to invest, Rietumu offers to do that from anywhere, without intermediaries or brokers, in an easy-to-use online system.

Working in close collaboration with the client, we managed to dress a rational investment topic in eye-pleasing colors and in a playful manner. Representing the easy and uplifting lifestyle anyone could achieve by investing through Rietumu bank.

Client • Bank Rietumu
Bright as the future

Flat illustrations, clean shapes, and lightweight texturing – we aimed for the visual style as uncomplicated as possible. The animations and transitions were thoughtfully crafted to draw the viewer into the smooth journey of Rietumu Bank investments.

Mark Simpleberg

“Successful without even trying” – that's the look we wanted to achieve when developing our main character. Tracking finances is just another routine thing for him. Otherwise, he is just a simple guy, having the time of his life.


Creative director
Peteris Puritis

Sketched storyboard
Eduards Balodis
Gints Gutmanis

Eduards Balodis
Gints Gutmanis

Art Director
Gints Gutmanis

Eduards Balodis
Gints Gutmanis

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