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Save your clicks and taps!

Snapio is a digital platform made for the 21st-century shopping experience. With Snapio every purchase is just one scan away. No need to fill out the shipping and payment forms again, again, and again. It's literally as easy as “want-tap-get”!

We wanted the video to be exactly like the product itself – fresh, dynamic, and exciting. A lively color palette, unique patterns, isometrics, and cinematographic angles were just some of the magic ingredients doing the job. We're proud of the result and ability to work with such a contemporary thinking partner as Snapio!

It's about time

The online shopping user experience is stuck where it started, in the 90s. Even though we aren't really purchasing tamagotchi and low-rise pants anymore, the payment options are the same as when we were. Snapio has reduced the purchase journey to three simple steps.

Want - tap - get!

Want, tap, get – this catchy phrase became the basis of our storyline and the mantra of modern shoppers. It really is as easy as it sounds – see what you like, scan the code, make an instant purchase. It's magic!

Gen Snapio

A funky hairstyle, fashionable clothes, thoughtful accessories, and, of course, a smartphone in hand - all these reveal that our main character is a modern city dweller with a dynamic lifestyle. She knows what she wants when she sees it and purchases it as fast as she likes it, with Snapio! Easy.


Creative Director
Peteris Puritis
Edgars Kuzmins

Sketched Storyboard
Edgars Lielzeltins

Aleksander Tumanov
Edgars Lielzeltins

Art Director
Gints Gutmanis

Gints Gutmanis

Arturs Liepins

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